Free Mint Giveaway. 10k Travel Series Collection

July 4, 2022

Company: Overwater Flamingo Squad

Supply: 10000


šŸ¦© #FREEMINT. Don’t miss out. We celebrate the 4th of July by inviting the masses to join our Squad for our FREE Mint of the Latest Overwater NFT drop: Flamingo Squad. Get ready to upload yourself into the Live Metaverse with a true digital bio-linked NFT identity.
šŸ¦œ Overwater dedicated to AUGMENTING OUR EXPERIENCES OF REALITY. The Flamingo collection is your ticket to Travel Experiences around the world focused on surfing, diving, snowboarding, fishing, yoga and much more. As the squad migrates to various travel retreats, NFT owners will be perked based on the travel retreat background of each flamingo.
āœˆļø Own a Surfing Flamingo and escape to a surf retreat in Costa Rica or a Diving Flamingo and dive the blue hole in Belize. These are just a few of the experiences you will find as a member of our squad.
šŸ¦© Our squad will have the power of web3 utility built within their custom profiles ready to launch in the Living Metaverse within the World Overwater. OLPS NFT Profiles will be the gateway into Overwater’s Augmented Reality World. Share your NFT collection, profile, community to the world and gain access not only to the World Overwater, but IRL events and the OLPS community.
šŸ¦… Pelican & Flamingos will unite Aug. 4, 2022 in San Pedro Belize to launch our Event Series NFT Collection
šŸ–ļø Airdrops??? NFTs, tokens, whitelists, land, domains and much more to come. I would suggest you grab a Pelican before its too late. Join the Overwater squad and let’s go shit on some apes when their yacht rolls out to sea.

Added June 29, 2022