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September 30, 2023

Company: Hunem

Price: 0.00 ETH

Supply: 3000


What is Hunem?
Imagine being part of a community that’s always one step ahead in the AI technology game — that’s what Hunem offers.

We’re not just creating AI tools, but tailoring them to be accessible and usable for a wide array of users —
– enterprises
– builders
– freelancers
– individuals with no coding background but a keen interest in AI.

Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just getting started, Hunem extends a warm invitation to explore, discuss and control cutting-edge AI tools with ease.

Why join Hunem?
Join the Hunem community at and get firsthand experience with our products, starting with our pioneering creation, Tatarot AI.

– gain exclusive access to a range of groundbreaking products
– enjoy previews of all the innovative solutions we’re developing.

Future developments will be accessible with a Hunem Pass — a limited-supply, free mint pass that acts as your gateway to everything new and exciting in the Hunem ecosystem.

Added September 18, 2023