Galaxy Geekz Giveaway

December 10, 2021

Company: Galaxy Geekz

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Wormz are our Community Currency

Get them Now:

What can I do with my Wormz?

Wormz will be used for the Whitelist
Wormz will be used for Free GG NFTz
Buy IRL GG Merchandise with Wormz
Buy Items in the Community Shop
Use Wormz for Voting
Use Wormz during Special Events
Much More

Who are Galaxy Geekz?

Check our website:

Community always comes 1st no BS
8888 NFT Collection Mint 0.055 ETH
Future proof DAO, Game, Merchandise, Next Gen, Staking, More
Donating to Charity to save Life on Earth
We have a Community Economy
We have Community ETH Vaults

Follow the free GG Crash-Course so you wil be up to speed in a 2 min read!

Event: From 10 – 31 December

Added December 9, 2021