Gallant Token NFT Launch

January 28, 2022

Company: Gnarly Knights


Do not remove your helmet where they can see you. If they see you, they will clone you. It’s 3043 and they have manufactured cloning technology in secret. Governments have begun cloning their citizens – disposing of the originals – in hopes of controlling society.

10,000 Gnarly Knights are about to fight the war on individuality. They must destroy all traces of the cloning factories and they’re going to do it in style. This army of Gnarly Knights will forego a uniform as a form of protest against cloning. Each wearing the Gallant helmet as a sign of unity, these knights will suit up however they like. Don’t be fooled by their impressive garb, these Knights are gnarly!

Each Gnarly Knight holder will receive:
• 1-Character for the “Gallant Arena” at game launch!
• Access to all Gallant Gatherings!
• Random airdrops of Gallant Tokens!
• Free asset airdrops for ALL future games ( Kings Calling Alpha Coming Soon )

Added January 11, 2022