Gapes on Sol Minting

November 16, 2021

Company: Gapes on Sol


Gapes on Sol… 6969 pixelated apes running around cool and fun in Solana! Join us to learn more about our community! Price will be 0.01 Sol and minting on 16/11 17:00 UTC


Created by the_apeist to run wild and free within Solana one sunny September morning.

Being the Cool cat (gape is more like it) he is, the_apeist passed on his sense and glamorous character onto the gapes, imprinting them onto the blockchain until the end of time. Their one true purpose in life is to be the masters of the urban population. Which gape will prevail in becoming the king of them all and embrace the true apeist vision?

You are responsible to find the gapes that will be the best of the best and go through the 6969 NFTs made up of 100+ different traits and attributes of the apes. who can challenge the_apeist against his own creations?

The cost of each of the GAPES on SOL? 0.01 SOL!!!

Added November 15, 2021