Gatsby Club Drop

December 10, 2021

Company: Gatsby Club

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The Gatsby Club Project : acquire prestigious NFTs you always dreamt of by owning one of the 7 777 Golden Pass.

Joining the Club offers following advantages :
-Have the opportunity to acquire prestigious NFTs (Bored Apes Yacht Club, Mutant Apes, Doodles …) at a very discounted price.
-Generate passive income.

How does it works ?
-The income we get by selling the golden pass is used to buy prestigious NFTs which are then relocated in a private marketplace.

How can I get a prestigious NFTs ?
-By holding a Golden Pass, you daily receive our own cryptocurrency : the GCC Token (Gatsby Club Currency)
-Once you have accumulated enough GCC Token, you can buy back (using your GCC) the prestigious NFT at a ridiculous price.

Can I trade the GCC Token for passive incomes ? ?
-Yes, you can directly sell on a Solana DEX the GCC Token you receive each day for holding 1 or many Golden Pass NFTs.

Who chooses the NFTs ?
-Prestigious NFTs are chosen by the community (DAO votes)

We are a team of 4 motivated people and fully indebted to its community
1 Software Engineer / Blockchain Developer
1 Front-end and Mobile Engineer
1 CM
1 Project manager @Benzsteam

Added November 23, 2021