Gem Gard Finance NFT Giveaway

January 26, 2022

Company: Gem Gard Finance


Gem Gard Finance is a revolutionary blockchain-based financial ecosystem that will enable anyone, anywhere to participate in the crypto economy.

Gem Gard Token is a utility token that operates on the Polygon blockchain and the ERC20 protocol. The Gem Gard Token provides holders with access to and discounts on all Gem Gard Finance products and services.

-Stake LP and earn GGT on Farm
-Stake GGT and earn GGT on Pool
-Stake GGT and earn token on Dividend
-Lend GGT and earn token on Lend
-Borrow GGT and pay interest with token on Borrow
-Stake GGT or LP for auto compounding
-Pay GGT for Gem Gard Finance Membership
-Pay GGT for Gem Gard Finance Future Products and Services
-Pay GGT to participate in the lottery game.

All Gem Gard NFT created with our contract are generated by random. No NFT will ever be duplicated or generated twice. A total of 10,000 NFT will be generated with our contract.

-Used as a collectible
-Unlock new achievement
-Unlock NFT premium access
-Stake Gem Gard NFT and earn token
-Stake Gem Gard NFT and earn NFT

Added January 26, 2022