Happy Quokkas General Presale

November 16, 2021

Company: Happy Quokkas


Inspired by the happiest animal on the planet, Happy Quokkas is an NFT collection featuring 7,777 completely unique and irresistible quokkas. The quokkas’ upbeat designs are a testament to our community’s philosophy of celebrating life and spreading joy.

We’re working to build the largest decentralized community dedicated to personal development and mental health awareness. As part of our roadmap, we plan to launch a mobile app next year exclusively for holders that will unlock perks within the community including courses, workshops, events, and in-person meetups all centered around mindfulness and positive transformation.

Our general presale goes live today at Nov. 16th at 6pm EST! Only 1,000 quokkas are available to mint for 1.11 SOL!

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Added November 16, 2021