Generous Robots DAO Public Sale

January 26, 2022

Company: Generous Robots DAO


Generous Robots is a collection of 5555 randomly generated robots on Solana. First of a kind NFT collection that allows its holders to directly participate in the Initial DEX Offering projects.

70% of mint sales and royalties will go directly to the community-led DAO fund. All the potential gains from the IDOs will be compounded in the DAO vault and distributed to our holders!

Unlike other DAO collections, we don’t fractionalize our community wallet and pegg it to the token – instead we give our holders the voting power to decide what IDO projects they want to participate in.

With the resources of the community vault, our holders can act as a whale on many launchpads and get guaranteed access to the IDO projects!

This strategy also hedges our holders against the NFT bear market and protects them from the community token price manipulations.

Added December 31, 2021