Genesis Drop – Run Lola Run

May 31, 2022

Company: MovieShots

Price: 0.069 ETH

Supply: 1401


The Future of Movie Collectibles

The First of Its Kind: Let’s write History together.

All MovieShots are minted in the correct order

Together we make sure that the story continues

Each MovieShot is a unique part of the movie

Officially licensed, highly exclusive, 100% unique Originals

Every camera shot a piece of art.

Owning a MovieShot is like owning a piece of the original film reel.

Collect Props, Costumes, Actions and Screentime.

Every MovieShot is a 100% original and unique 1on1 NFT on the Ethereum blockchain.

TimeCode, Screentime and a manually chosen frame point to your individual part of the movie.

The whole movie is edited into unique MovieShots.

The sum of all MovieShots represents the whole movie in the blockchain.

Let’s connect the movie industry, filmmakers, movie fans and collectors all together as one!

Join our Web3 Movie Community.

Added May 20, 2022