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Godard NFT Mint Pass Collection

January 28, 2022

Company: Godard NFT

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Michael Godard, a global top-selling artist, is dropping 1,110 mint passes and a private collective of NFT collectors, curators and artists. The NFT is a Mint Pass, representing the highest level of membership to the Godard community, based on 3 different access tiers: silver, gold and platinum.

Through this collective, Godard plans to merge physical art with digital NFTs, creating in real life (IRL) experiences that provide members with exclusive access to limited edition physical and digital works.
A portion of proceeds will be reinvested into emerging artists and building key partnerships that help everyone achieve success.


A Godard NFT membership pass is the first step toward becoming a Godard ecosystem owner. This pass can be used to mint the genesis drop where physical art is connected to each NFT.

But, it’s more than a mint pass:

1) The membership pass will also be the key to connecting with and driving value through connections, business opportunities and buying opportunities. You could consider it as an all access pass for anything related to Michael Godard art.

2) Each member will receive exclusive access to Godard NFT drops, physical art through “Mint-to-Print” services and access to Godard’s upcoming events and artist collaborations.

3) A Godard NFT member will have access to a private Discord channel, where they can connect with other artists, collectors and Michael himself. Members will also receive early access to exclusive drops and physical artwork, along with exclusive benefits at Godard’s upcoming events, collaborations and airdrops.

4) Members buy tokens that provide exclusive perks, access to limited edition artworks, and participation in polls and creative decisions.

Artists, collectors or curators who want to get involved in this exclusive membership should visit the website and follow along on Twitter.

Michael Godard, known as the explosive “Rockstar of the Art World” and global top selling artist, captivates viewers with his animated olives, whimsical grapes, and dancing strawberries. Godard’s imaginative world of art is seen by millions of people each month worldwide.

Added January 24, 2022