Gonads.wtf Drop

July 13, 2022


Price: 0.025 ETH

Supply: 6969

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Join The GONADS – The Gang Of NFT Addicted Degens.

6969 Of The Most Degenerate Dummies To Ever Hang Out On The Ethereum Blockchain.

Artwork: Cryptic Burger Collective (Creators of 3 SOLD OUT NFT Art Collections!)

Minting: JULY 13, 2022

Price: OG FREE MINT / WL 0.025 ETH / Public 0.05 ETH

GONADS offers detailed & distinctive pen-and-ink artwork guaranteed to “hit weird” by the anonymous art collective Cryptic Burger – creators of 3 previous SOLD OUT collections of instantly recognizable illustrations on OpenSea (BARFS, CRAPS & Sugar Cereal Psych-O’s)

Each GONADS is generated from a filthy, toxic pool of 120+ unique hand-drawn traits.

Clothing with obscure pop culture references that only diehard degens will appreciate.

NFT shoutouts that were already outdated by the end of 2021.

Dumb hats.

Gross and immature facial traits to delight your inner 12-year-old.

A right hand clenching random accessories – some which we blatantly ripped-off from other collections (then re-imagined in our own style).

2 additional rare body variations that make absolutely no sense.

10 SUPER RARE custom 1/1 illustrations by Cryptic Burger that are worthy of hanging on the walls of the foulest gas-station restrooms anywhere in the world.

Rare hand-drawn background scenes – including the elusive GOLDEN TOILET. Plus other unexpected features designed to amuse & titillate even the most weary and rug-pulled degen.

Q: Why in heck would I want to mint GONADS?

A: Because you’re an OG who misses the good old days of fun NFTs with awesome art by proven illustrators who have skills like “talent” and “imagination” – not fiverr cookie cutter crap.

Because you appreciate pop-culture easter eggs hidden in your NFTs.

Because you vibe with well-drawn but immature toilet humor in the pieces you collect.

Because you’re tired of corporate collabs and road-map promises and just want to hang with people who appreciate the culture of the NFT-verse and own art that reflects that.

Because you are a degenerate dummy – just like us!

Added July 1, 2022