Gorilla Mafia – The First Ever NFT Timeshare!

February 8, 2022

Company: Gorilla Mafia



All owners have access to a real world Safe House in Las Vegas, Nevada once the collection is sold out!

Daily drops to 1,000!

Gorilla Mafia is an NFT collectible that is uniquely hand drawn to create 1/1 pieces. With only 1,000 available and all individually hand-drawn, each Gorilla is a unique piece of art. This NFT collection has been created entirely by a solo artist.

When you purchase a Gorilla, you’ll receive a free video showing your Gorilla being drawn. You’ll also receive access to prizes such as free NFTs, cash, and much more! The first 250 owners will be whitelisted for upcoming collections. All owners will also receive an NFT collectible card of your unique Gorilla!

Come check out the Safe House at our website.

Join Discord now to be part of a growing community!

Stay safe and be careful…they are always watching 👀

Added February 7, 2022