GPU Digital Drop

November 1, 2021

Company: GPU.DiGITAL

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GPU.DiGITAL is a collection of 3999 unique algorithmically constructed GPU’s for digital crypto mining.

Owning a GPU.DiGITAL NFT allows our holders to enter next phase in 4 tier roadmap.

75 ETH will be raffled out between our holders, all raffles are written into contract.

Our team consist of brightest minds in crypto space with extensive experience in blockchain, crypto mining, science and design. We are working hard to provide unique approach and technological advancements to our holders.

– Initial drop date: November 1, 2021 @7:00pm UTC
– Total number of tokens: 3999
– Pre-sale: 200
– TX Limit: 10
– Price per token: 0.05 ETH
– Token type: ERC-721
– Blockchain: Ethereum

Added October 25, 2021