NFT Evening

Grinders DAO

September 10, 2023

Company: Grinders DAO

Price: 0.05 SOL

Supply: 11111


We are a seasoned team of Web 3.0 and blockchain developers, bridging expertise from both Web 2.0 and 3.0 realms. Our passion for the Web 3.0 ethos drives our work. With a rich portfolio in NFT ventures, we aspire to position Grinders DAO as Solana’s paramount Web 3.0 initiative.
Our mission revolves around pioneering blockchain innovations with a communal focus, while our objectives include nurturing active participation, launching successful NFT ventures, and contributing to the broader blockchain ecosystem. Our Grinders NFTs offer practicality, empowering holders with voting rights, lottery opportunities, airdrops, and diverse services. The Grinders Lottery NFTs introduce an inventive approach to community engagement, reward distribution, and enrichment.

Added August 28, 2023