GuineaMond Project NFT Drop

August 15, 2022

Company: GuineaMond Project

Price: 10 MATIC

Supply: 10000


GuineaMond NFT Collection
Guinea Pigs are adorable, smart, beautiful and SHOULD be the the intelligent species all over the globe.
So , we are launching a NFT project to expand the love for guinea pigs.
There is 10K Guinea Pigs Warriors NFT on the collection each with their unique traits ( over 100 different traits) , different military rank and etc..
Each NFT price is 10 MATIC.
By minting at least 1 GuineaMond NFT , you will get following Utilities:
1.for every 100 Mints , 1 Lucky friend, wins one WHILTELIST for FREE MINT for Freaked Out Piggies Project.

2.Our Next Phase , is Freaked Out Piggis. after public sale of phase 2 , 60 ETH will be rewarded to this project NFT Holders

3.every month , 50 percenent of Loyalty Fees will be rewarded to some lucky holders

Added August 15, 2022