Guppy Gang Public Launch

November 6, 2021

Company: Guppy Gang


Guppy Gang is a next-generation NFT created by the same team behind the Untamed Isles, a hugely popular upcoming open-world crypto MMORPG monster-taming game.

Guppy Gang is limited to only 10,000 Genesis NFT’s with a mint price of 0.08 Eth

Guppy Gang features beautiful generative artwork created by our talented game artists, each one depicting a unique ‘Guppy’, a loveable monster from the Untamed Isles world.

Unlike most other NFTs that start as a token and try and embark on a journey to release a game, we’re doing things the other way around.
Untamed Isles is going to revolutionize NFT gaming, and with it, Guppy Gang will in turn revolutionize the way NFTs can interact with games.
From a New York Times best-selling author carefully crafting the lore and releasing a book on the game world, to trading card industry veterans designing deep and rich gameplay mechanics, the game and token will change the way gaming and crypto integrate forever.
That’s where we’re doing it differently — Untamed Isles is first and foremost a game. The Guppy Gang project is a series of NFTs based on the game world, lore and art (the most adorable creature!) that will integrate with the game itself.

Guppy Gang token holders will receive the following benefits:

• An in-game portrait of their Guppy which they can hang in their house in-game.

• The ability to generate a ‘Guppy Doodle’ NFT item in-game, an AI-generated drawing made by their Guppy.

• A monthly air-drop of NFT tickets to the in-game ‘Guppy Paradise Fair’, a carnival event where players can win rare cosmetic NFT items.

• An eternal game key for Untamed Isles and ALL future Phat Loot Studios games.

• A Morph token for any future collaborative or cross-projects.

• Genesis priority for any future Phat Loot NFT releases.

• Additionally, Guppy Gang holders can optionally sell their airdropped tickets to other players.

Added November 4, 2021