Hamstarz Squad Drop

November 20, 2021

Company: Hamstarz Squad

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Hamstarz Squad is a collection of 8,888 lovable hamster NFTs living on the Ethereum Blockchain.
Mint price 0.04eth

3D avatar and HamstarLand theme park. Our team has acquired land in the premium NetVRk metaverse, and will begin work on exclusive 3D Hamstar avatars and building HamstarLand, our hamster-themed theme park. The theme park will be the home and social hub for our Hamstarz community. We will host events and contests for our Hamstarz community in the metaverse with live music and prizes!

Free companion NFT. Hamstarz NFT holders will receive a free companion NFT, which will provide unique benefits when paired with an OG Hamstar come breeding season. While hamsters in the human world are often solitary, Hamstarz on the contrary, are quite social. During their adventures, our Hamstarz meet and bond with not only other Hamstarz, but also with other species we have not yet encountered!

Breeding adorable babies. Holders of both an OG Hamstarz and a companion are able to breed and create babies. “Sugar, spice, and everything nice” may have been a winning formula for Professor Utonium, but our team has an even more promising concoction brewing… Depending on the type of companion, we may even see the birth of some entirely new species!

Community fund created. Cultivating an engaged and empowered community is our top priority, and we plan to support this by launching a community grant fund starting with $30,000. These funds will go towards projects, charities, and/or causes that the community votes on. Furthermore, 2.5% of secondary market fees will go towards the community fund to support community-driven initiatives moving forward.

Added October 21, 2021