Holey People Genesis Collection Drop

December 23, 2021

Company: Holey People Genesis Collection | Find The Gold In Your Wound


The Holey People NFT Art Collections Come From Internationally Recognized iPad Painter, Augmented Reality Artist, Filmmaker And Developer, Daniel Leighton.

Find The Gold In Your Wound
Holey People Symbolize What People May Feel But Don’t Show. We All Have Holes, Or Flaws In Ourselves That We Love Or Hate. Holey People Embrace Their Wounds, And In Doing So They Find And Share Their Greatest Gifts.
Holes Offer Holey People A Chance To Look Within. If They Choose To Look Deeply, They Will Find Many Treasures. They Share That Treasure With Those Around Them And Create More Opportunities To Help Others By Using Their Own Success.
There Are Ways To Match, And Even Ways To Lend And Borrow. Owners Of Holey People Genesis Nfts Will Be Able To Match Their Holey Person With Other Nfts In Our Drops. The More Matches One Has, The Greater The Chance For Special Access. One Might Find AR Paintings, Limited Edition Hand Paintings And More In Special Vaults And Surprise Drops.

This Project Is Being Designed And Implemented By Artists, NFT Investors and Crypto Enthusiasts To Reward Collection Holders And Retain Long Term Value While Continuously Releasing More Art.

About The Artist:
Daniel Leighton Is An Augmented Reality Artist, iPad Painter, Filmmaker, And Technologist.
Leighton’s Narrative Expressionist Paintings Capture Complex States Of The Human Psyche And Help You Communicate With Yourself And Others.
Having Crohn’s Disease Since Birth, Leighton Faced His Mortality From A Very Young Age. Countless Invasive Procedures, Hospitalizations And Surgeries Helped Drive Him To Dive Deep Into A Lifelong Quest To Understand The Workings Of His Body And His Emotions.
Leighton’s Mission Is To Help Create A World Where Connecting To Your Emotions, And Feeling Seen And Understood Is The Norm.
Leighton’s Work Has Been Featured By Curators From The Getty Museum In LA, Museum Of Contemporary Art (MOCA), La County Museum Of Art (LACMA); And Presented At The Victoria And Albert Museum (V&A) In London, The La Center For Digital Art (LACDA), The San Luis Obispo Museum Of Art (SLOMA) And More.

Added December 13, 2021