Homeless Friends – Become a Friend to the Homeless

June 25, 2022

Company: Homeless Friends

Price: .05 ETH

Supply: 9999


Homeless Friends NFT Collection – become a friend to the Homeless

Homeless Friends is a unique hand drawn NFT Collection on the Ethereum Blockchain made up of 9999 unique pieces of digital art. Our main goal for this project is to bring a little bit of joy and relief to those suffering from Homelessness.

– Unique Smart Contract that will provide LIFETIME ROYALTIES to the original minter every-time it’s resold.

– 20% of Mint & 30% annual royalties donated to Homeless communities, projects chosen by the community.

– Free 2nd collection exclusive to OG holders (Homeless Kids)

– $1000 awarded to 10 lucky holders.

– Automatic WL for 3rd collection Homeless Mommas collection. % of funds donated to mothers in need.

– 1/1 collection of real homeless people and their stories turned into metaverse characters. % of proceeds are then provided to the real human in some form.
– Homeless Friends in the Metaverse??

Added May 6, 2022