Hot Dawgs NFT Discord Released

January 26, 2022

Company: Hot Dawgs



Hot Dawgs is a collection of 10,000 randomly generated hotdog NFT’s on the Ethereum blockchain. Every Hot Dawg is unique and randomly generated as they each have collected different items throughout their adventures such as hats, accessories, clothes, and more!
Note: Some of their fashion senses may be confusing or plain weird, as they are not the most intelligent of creatures…
Rarities range from Common to Legendary.
You’ll receive 1 Hot Dawg NFT that provides you not only an awesome PFP and a lifelong friendship with 10k other Dawgs, but a ticket to our IRL events, free hotdogs on our HotDawg™️ Stands, Exclusive Merch, Free Future Airdrops & much more.

We are still discussing our utility. These are only a few things that we will focus on since day one.
We don’t want to use prizes and promises as a crutch on why you should mint Hot Dawgs. The community drives our value, Instead, we will surprise our community with prizes, charity events, etc. along the way!
Here are a few things that we will focus on and want to build along the way.
• Free hotdogs
• Charity
• Staking
• Free airdrops
• Exclusive Giveaways
• Merch


We have a lot in mind when it comes to utility. Holding a Hot Dawg is your universal ticket to free hotdogs on our stands. (Yes, you heard that right.)
Part of our road map is our very own chain of hotdog stands. Out holders will have the ability to enjoy the freshest hotdogs completely free of charge. (Quantity limits apply of course.)


Aside from that, charity will also play a big part. We will create a community treasury where we’ll keep the funds that will be donated to a local homeless shelter or charity. We will donate not only money but fresh hotdogs as well. Our holders will have the ability to write their name and a special message on a poster, which we will later print frame, and donate alongside the money and hotdogs. After every donation, we will provide proof.


What about staking? Yes. You will be able to stake your Hot Dawgs. We have not yet decided on how it’ll work, but we can guarantee it’ll be worth it.
Every holder will also receive a free airdrop of every future collection we release (We are already planning to grow our brand. Zombie Dawgs included.)

Exclusive holders’ giveaways will also play a big role. You will be able to win everything from stickers, hoodies, NFT’s & more!

To be announced.
There is still a lot of things that have to be built and polished. Currently, we are focusing on building the website, developing smart contracts, generation testing Hot Dawgs and the list goes on! One of the most important things that we want to do before launch is to build a strong and active community.


You can help by inviting your friends, parents, grandma, and everyone else that might be interested in being part of the first hotdog NFT collection with real-life utility. We need the most help we can get with building our community. You will of course be rewarded.

Added January 26, 2022