Humble Roo Beach Club Launch

December 11, 2021

Company: Humble Roo Beach Club

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3,333 Humble Roos that double as an access token into an exclusive beach club.

What is HRBC?

A Beach Club of course.

We know the Metaverse is tiring, exhausting actually. Hopping around for some 30 million years takes a toll on those legs.

We’ve come to terms that the days of hopping around attacking strangers are over, I mean come on, its 2021.

We’re humble, we’re tired. You’re tired of not having a choice when it’s your turn for a boxing match.

So, we’ve decided to stay humble and colonize the Solana blockchain off the coast of Rooville.

Only a small number of us made it through the portal, infact, only 3,333 out of 10,000 of us.

Did we mention we’ve built a beach club during our stay?

We’ve got good news and bad news. The bad news? Capacity is limited.

Our entire project is based on a complex storyline, as there is a reason for everything. This means vital that you must read it. The full storyline can be viewed in our discord channel in the #storyline channel.

Come down and party at a space boasting Artists, Seasonal Events, Competitions.. and much more.

We hope you enjoy Humble Roo Beach Club!

Added December 1, 2021