Hyundai x Meta Kongz: Metamobility Universe and NFTs

April 20, 2022

Hyundai Motor is entering the world of NFTs through a partnership with Meta Kongz NFT collection. To get the ball rolling, the automaker released a short film introducing its NFT universe, “Metamobility Universe.” Then, to celebrate the launch of the film, it will also drop 30 limited-edition NFTs on April 20.

Hyundai Motors: The first Automaker to enter the NFT Market

Hyundai Motor is the first automaker to enter the NFT market with its own NFT community. Basically, the NFT arm of the business will provide its users with the Hyundai brand experience in the metaverse.

The short film reflects the “Metamobility” concept revealed at CES 2022. In the film, the “Meta Kongz” gorilla character drives in both a classic PONY and modernly reinterpreted heritage series PONY from Earth to the Moon, visualizing how mobility solutions can transcend time and space. The film at the end also teases a shooting star-shaped NFT that will be released in May.

Moreover, Hyundai Motor will also issue 30 limited editions of’ “Hyundai x Meta Kongz” NFTs on April 20 to commemorate the film’s release. The team will continue dropping NFT projects throughout the year to expand the Metamobility Universe. They will use profits from the sale of Hyundai NFTs for the project’s management and community members.

You can join the project’s Discord channel for more updates!

Added April 18, 2022