ICGhost Interactive 3D NFT Drop

October 29, 2021

Company: IC3D NFT

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For Halloween, a father and son team are bringing interactive 3D NFTs with a ghostly spin to the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) blockchain network. Their company, IC3D NFT, creates 3D NFTs for collectors, gamers, and traders. The creator, Josh Galler, is a high school junior just starting his graphic arts career. He uses Blender, a 3D modeling application, to create all of the 3D models. Dad, Brian Galler, is an information technology leader with decades of experience leading software development teams. Together they are bringing their talents to the crossroads of art and technology.

The 3D ICGhost NFT scenes will be the largest NFT release since the Dfinity Foundation launched the ICP network in May of 2021. On October 29, 2021, sixty thousand NFTs will be released in ten thousand spooky but adorable scenes. Each 3D ICGhost NFT scene contains six separate 3D NFTs that include a landscape, a ghost with hat & glasses, and two other scene items.

Collaboration Makes it Possible

Brian and Josh have been collaborating with a number of teams and the global community of NFT enthusiasts to bring their first collection to market. IC3D NFT receives advice and services from a small group of IC enthusiasts called the ICPMaximalist Network Ambassadors, which Brian is a member of. Through this network of enthusiasts, they have been able to leverage the expertise of professionals in NFTs, branding, and marketing. Additionally, a global community of fans called 3D FanatICs has formed around the project to promote it.

IC3D NFT has partnered with ToniqLabs, creators of the Entrepôt NFT Marketplace, to mint and list the ICGhost NFTs. The 3D web renderer application specifically developed for the ICGhost release was developed by the Meme Cake development team, a separate NFT project team.

Interactive and Interoperable 3D NFTs

Using the 3D renderer, NFT owners will be able to interact with their 3D scenes by rotating, moving, panning, zooming, and even resizing the individual 3D NFTs. The ICGhost NFT collection has over 150 unique 3D objects of varying rarity. This allows for infinite uniqueness of every scene. Additionally, since every object in the ICGhost 3D NFT scene is itself a 3D NFT the NFT owners will be able to break their scenes apart to sell each item individually on the secondary market. This also means that they will be able to buy other 3D NFTs to add to their scenes. If they get tired of that pumpkin they can sell it and buy a skull instead.

The ICGhost project is paving the way for future 3D creators to launch their NFTs on the Entrepôt NFT Marketplace. The 3D renderer will be available for other creators to use as well. The 3D model glTF file standard being used is a very common file type for rendering 3D on the web. Because of this standard, the creations of other 3D modelers will be interoperable. 3D NFT owners will be able to combine their 3D NFTs from multiple artists into scenes. In a future release of the 3D renderer, NFT owners will be able to download their 3D model locally. This will allow NFT owners to get really creative with the 3D models of their NFTs. The possibilities are literally infinite.

Josh and Brian don’t plan to stop there though. They have already collaborated with another top creator in the ICP ecosystem to deliver another 3D NFT collection shortly after the ICGhost release. Of course their second NFT release will be interoperable with the ICGhost NFT scenes. The collaboration is crazy good and will be a huge hit with the NFT community.

Looking Into the Future

Planning has already started for their third collection which will be released in celebration of New Years. Throughout 2022, the father and son pair will deliver additional 3D NFT collections, some holiday-themed and some not. Beyond NFTs, they are also planning 3D game experiences using one or more of their 3D NFT avatars.

Their ultimate quest is to be among the first pioneers into the Internet Computer Metaverse. The Metaverse is coming and Josh and Brian are leading the way.

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