Imps of Duergar Update

November 3, 2021

Company: World of Duergar

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We are a group of technology, investment, art and gaming enthusiasts that have been friends for a long time. As these interests intersect, we decided to create a story and characters that is inspired by old-school games.

Imps of Duergar is a story based NFT collection which starts the journey of World of Duergar. There will be a total of 1000 unique imps in the collection. The imps are divided into 4 segments (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum) and priced differently. The segment of the Imps are determined according to the rarity of their items. The mouth represents the rarity of the character. So that you can see how rare the imp is just by looking at its mouth!

What we aim to achieve is not to only produce NFT’s that has a story, but to create a fantastic world which you will feel engaged and feel curious about.
Imps of Duergar is be available for purchase since 01/11/21 11:21 PM GMT+3.

If you take a look at our project and write back your opinions it would make us happy / help us to grow healthier.

Added November 2, 2021