inftspaces NFT Presale

November 8, 2021

Company: inftspaces


inftspaces (pronounced infinite spaces) is a DAO that combines real-world and metaverse events with NFT drops.

Our inaugural inftspaces event in November will be commemorated with a fine art generative NFT drop. The design was created by our internal creative team and designed by known street and fine artist Sean Calen Blake ( The significance of the design represents the point in time when we were ready to grasp the transition beyond a singular world. The moment we were prepared to accept the adoption of a realm surpassing our own physical one…the metaverse. This transition is embodied by the hand crossing through the rift (portal) between our world and the metaverse. Art just beyond our fingertips, at the nexus between both worlds.

Presale drop – Monday, November 8th (time TBD)
2,000 – 4,000 of the 8,888 versions for sale!
4 days to mint

Presale Price: 0.06 ETH

Our design adds real life utility to fine art!

Our NFT will serve as a token that will create infinite utilization such as access to exclusive drops, unique private shows, art experiences, exclusive merch and more! It is without saying that our first releases will be more heavily weighted, we are not keeping that a secret. We will reward those that believe in us from the beginning, but there will be plenty of opportunities for others in the future as well!

Come join us at our first IRL and virtual event Nov 11-13th where we will begin to reveal the NFT’s in person!
Why our NFT:
Roadmap with tons of utility
Insane team
Growing community (IRL and VR)
Sexy art created by an established artist (Collector bonus & air drops)
NFTs grants you access to events!
Strong charitable give back (partnered with certified 501(c)3 charity Beautify Earth)

As part of inftspaces we will continue to create a unique series of NFT’s and allow other artists to drop their own unique launches within our community. Each inftspaces event will incorporate featured artist’s traits into each design, making them even more unique and increase their collectability. Each NFT will be exclusive and originally obtainable IRL at our physical and virtual events.

We look forward to welcoming you to the inftspaces collective.

To the infinite and beyond!

Added November 2, 2021