Into The BDO Verse Launch

July 4, 2022

Company: Into The BDO Verse

Supply: 10000

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The egg had fallen from another universe to the earth via a portal, then it broke and an Arab named Ajmal who passed nearby with his Caravan picked up little BDO. Then he kept the BDO and named him Al Bdo. Ajmal fed Al Bdo and was like a father to him. After Al Bdo grew up he started to notice the difference between him and the people and he asked Ajmal why he is so different from others. Ajmal told him the story that he had fallen from the Portal and he appeared to rescue him. At first Al Bdo was shocked by the story, but from the time all was in his mind to find as much information as possible about his origins. He called the best scientist that appeared to be on the earth Al Berto Einsteino to help him reopen the portal. After months of work finally Alberto was able to reopen the portal, but something unexpected happened. As soon as the portal was opened lots of BDOs rushed to the earth while Alberto was trying to close the portal 10.000 BDOs have already been placed on the Earth. After the situation calmed a little, Al Bdo was able to know that The Bdoverse had been attacked, that’s why that many BDOs escaped and got to the earth via the portal. Al Bdo took control of BDO Community and they formed a little Bdotown near Abu-Dhabi.

Added April 11, 2022