Jailhouse Ape Gang Drop

November 24, 2021

Company: Jailhouse Ape Gang


A NFT collection dedicated to Crypto/NFT trading by Miyamoto
The Jailhouse Ape Gang is a collection of 999 jailed apes reimagined by Japanese Artist Miyamoto. Our goal is to create the leading global community of Crypto & NFT traders. 100 pieces will have exclusive traits. (Randomly selected) holders of these pieces will have access to a private Discord channel with the Jailhouse management team and the exclusive NFT holders.

Distribution of the Jailhouse Ape Gang NFTs
Open to public minting on 24/11/2021 6PM EST
Will there be a presale? No
* Fair mint Policy. Each address will have a 2 NFT minting limit.
(This will keep things fair considering there will only be 999 available)
It will be possible to acquire more NFTs on the secondary market if you choose to.

Mint Price: 2 SOL

What happens after 100% sell out?

Holders will verify on the Jailhouse Ape Gang Discord server and will get access to:

√ Crystal Room-Chat channel

√ Curated crypto & NFT news

√ Crypto & NFT analytics/analysis from experts

√ Curated multi-chain NFT drop calendar

EARLY MINT JAILHOUSE NFT holders, Jailhouse Team and 100 random NFTs with a special trait will also have access to Crystal Room Chat channel.

10% of the revenue will be donated. Jailhouse Ape Gang members will vote on where it goes.

Sneak Peak of Road Map;

2022 Q1-Special token launch and daily distribution to holders. Fashion brand collab merch line launches, accessible with $JAG tokens.

2022 Q2- Animated series and Sneaker Drop.

2022 Q3-P2E game launch

2022 Q4-NFT and crypto networking events, meetups. Service accessible with $JAG tokens for a discount – various other tokens and cryptocurrencies will be accepted.
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Added November 19, 2021