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May 15, 2022

Company: Akings


AKINGS W2E NFT Collection

AKINGS Fashion NFT collection – minting May 15, 2022, is not just a digital wearable. It has wear-to-earn aspects, rewarding you by wearing your AKINGS fit in virtual worlds and online games with our token being launched in Q3 2022. The wearables can also be rented out to others when it is not being worn for daily use. Every NFT is redeemable for real-life garments totaling $500K in secured inventory.

Why Wear to Earn Fashion?
“The rise of the Metaverse and Web 3.0 are set to disrupt multiple sectors including the billion-dollar global fashion industry,” as Cointelegraph says (Wolfson, 2021).

“It all came down to giving back to our community and the people who continually come out and support the brand beyond the predictable discount or upsell. This NFT is an answer to the question we always ask ourselves— How do we bring more value to our customers?” Bryan Leon, COO of AKINGS said.

We can integrate our digital wearables in various metaverses such as EPIK PRIME, our gaming partner, which gives owners access to in-game power-ups, maps, and worlds.

Communities like Neo Tokyo, ChillRx, D-CAVE, Hector Finance, Meta Mansions by KEYS are all current partnerships to engage the community and discover further metaverse integration.

Your outfit – in the real world and the online space – is more valuable than you think.
If you’re interested in earning tokens while wearing luxury streetwear, join AKINGS as they mint their W2E NFT collection. 

Added February 5, 2022