Just Bananaz Public Sale

April 8, 2022

Company: Just Bananaz

Price: 0.013 ETH

Supply: 7244


Once upon a time there was a magical island that lived in a little girls head. The island was occupied by the most happiest and magical creatures. The girl thought that the island was long gone. Until recently… In the hardest of times the island was found…by that same girl, but it wasn’t a dream anymore. It was real as these words in front of you. The artist didn’t only find that island, but brought it out for the world to see. The first creatures discovered we’re “Just Bananaz”.
Originally inspired by a teeny-tiny toy banana. Little did she know that this tiny banana was going to have 7000 friends to chill with in the future. Just Bananaz is inspired by the artist’s everyday life and inspirations. Some of the islanders even talk, you can look it up on our Twitter.

Just Bananaz is a collection of 7244 banana character NFTs living on Bananaz island. 244 characters are individually drawn with special traits. Just Bananaz is created from over 185 traits, along with some rare ones that cannot be found from other Bananaz.

First sale (WL) members will have the opportunity to buy Just Bananaz at 0.009 ETH. We have also added 35 NFTs for the public sale with the same price. After that public sale price will be 0.013 and will increase little by little to increase the value of the NFT.

First sale 06.04.2022 12:00 UTC
Public sale 08.04.2022 07:00 UTC

Added March 29, 2022