K-Goding Drop

January 25, 2022

Company: K-Goding 2022


K-Goding is a collection of 2022 unique NFTs inspired by “goding,” which is slang for high school student in Korean. A lot of us wish we could go back to school. Maybe you’d be the rebel, nerd, or teacher’s favorite. K-Goding is the opportunity to create that nostalgic feeling of high school, the Korean way.

Each K-Goding will be automatically enrolled into SHIT — (Seoul High of Individuality and Trust). At SHIT, you’ll meet and socialize with other students, join virtual and IRL gatherings, and get access to exclusive field trips. Get your backpack ready:

Each K-Goding is made from a selection of 100+ hand-drawn traits. When enrollment begins on January 25, 2022, you’ll be able to choose which features you want on your student. Since all K-Goding art is stored on-chain, your student will be in the Class of 2022 forever.

All traits are handdrawn by Korean artist sayyoung, who has been involved with industrial design for various companies known worldwide like Gucci. Other artists have worked at Pokemon and slew of other companies.

FInally, K-Goding has a DAO.
Thanks to the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), school administrative decisions will be in the hands of K-Goding students. From electing class presidents to spending funds in the school treasury, DAO members will dictate Class of 2022 strategy.

K-Goding is first of its kind project that allows users to not only mint their own NFTs but choose them, customize them and truly create the student that they want. This innovation is unique to Klaytn blockchain in that the gas fees and maintenance are low. Allowing interesting innovations in this space. Some of the only ways to achieve this are with Layer 2 technology. So we are excited to launch on the Klaytn blockchain which represents Korea!

What do you say? Are you ready to start school for real?

Added January 21, 2022