Karma Bear – MINT

November 30, 2022

Company: Karma Bear NFT

Price: 0.05 ETH

Supply: 4444


Collection: 4,444 Unique NFTs
– 444 ‘KarmaMonks’
– 9 Legendary with 1-of-1 traits
– 1 Impossible (The All-Bear)

A sentient conscious being outside of time and space, called the All-Bear, decides to put itself into the 3D human experience, in multiple lives, to expand its consciousness… In some of these lives it plays an important role in history and becomes legendary, which is reflected in the art of our LEGENDARY NFTs.

Core Belief:

The KarmaBear Community believes that when people are in a good place, they will bring good into the world. So everything we do focuses around the concept of taking care of oneself with the intent of bettering the world.

IRL Utility:

The funds earned from sales of NFT will go towards building a network of Vacation Villas in Beautiful Bali. Holders will get membership access and pricing (50% less than the average AirBNB) to the luxury accommodations built! Profits generated will be used to expand the network of Villas and upgrade the accommodations including building a retreat centre.

Additional Utility:

Each NFT held will immediately generate $WISDM token, our currency for the KarmaBear Ecosystem. These tokens will be able to be used for Breeding (Recruiting) Disciples (our next generation NFT).
In the future, $WISDM token will be used at our IRL facilities to redeem for equipment rentals, yoga classes, and excursions.

There will also be bonuses that come from the profitability of our luxury accommodations that will be transferred to holders via $WISDM token.

Finally, $WISDM token will be able to swapped out for ETH, providing an opportunity for passive income.

Future incremental game will be in place to enhance $WISDM earning ability, discovering new NFTs collections (KarmaRelics), and winning perks at the luxury villas (ie. free stays, free rentals, etc.)

“Wishing you a Namaste Kinda Day…”

~ Karma Bear

Added October 25, 2022