KindKoalas Public Sale Mint

May 28, 2022

Company: KindKoalas

Price: 1.4 SOL

Supply: 2020

Source Link

Kind Koalas is about art & utility. We will develop software that is accessible to everyone with the profits going straight back to Koala Holders. We are currently hard at work on our biggest utility, our white-label casino that is driven by SOL.

We will develop a “DAO-as-a-service” platform where everyone can setup a DAO with voting, proposals, etc. for a fee which each koala holder gets 50% of the profit divided truthfully.

We are also working on a koala-only discord bot with web3 plugins such as: account verification (must connect wallet to join discord, to avoid 99% of bots), whitelist management (wallet collecting will be done by our account verification, which makes it easy to manage your whitelist) and other plugins that will come soon such as SPL token trackers, listing, sales, etc.

Every Koala holder will be able to stake their Koala to receive our custom token. The token will be accepted as payment for our white-label casino, making it entirely free to set-up your own casino if you’re holding & staking your Koala. This will not be the only feature of our token, there will be an entire holder-only platform developed around the token.

The platform will allow you to purchase various collectables & real-life items such as:

– Whitelist Spots for Koala DAO backed projects
– NFT Collectables (auction & purchase now)
– Merchandise (mugs, hoodies, tshirts, etc)
– Tickets to real-life events (*not organized by Koala DAO)
and much more…

Added May 18, 2022