L◎ST S◎LS Club Presale

October 30, 2021

Company: L◎ST S◎LS CLUB

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9,512 unique hand-drawn NFTs with hand-painted backgrounds (a first on the Solana blockchain). Over 140 unique attributes, $25,000 going to charity, on-going airdrops, doxxed team, and more!

According to the future legend of the Lost Sols, these fictional characters were spontaneously created when the epicenter of an extremely powerful solar flare hit the small, desert town of Dustville, TX on October 30th 2039 turning it, and all of its inhabitants, into a 20 square mile, perfectly smooth, single sheet of glass – later dubbed “The Lake of the Lost Sols” by the global news media due to the extremely strange sightings and events reported by official testimony in the area.

On October the 30th, 512 will be for sale for 1 SOL each


Added October 19, 2021