Laurel & Hardys Way Out West

November 28, 2022

Company: MovieShots

Price: 0.111 ETH

Supply: 555


Laurel & Hardy – Way Out West 1937
A dream come true – officially licensed Laurel and Hardy content on the blockchain. Stanley and Ollie are hired to bring a deed to a small village gold mine. When this deed is stolen, things begin to escalate.
555 one-of-a-kind collectibles tell the story of the film from beginning to end.

Every camera shot a piece of art.
Just imagine owning a piece of a movie with a likeness of a brush stroke of the Mona Lisa!

Owning a MovieShot is like owning a slice of the original movie reel.

Each MovieShot has a special and carefully selected set of properties that are selected by professional filmmakers with passion and love.

Timecode, ScreenTime, and a manually chosen frame represent your individual part of the movie.

This is proof of hard work. A token backed by filmmaking. Each MovieShot comes with a ScreenTime. This shows exactly how many seconds of the movie are yours. The grand sum of all MovieShots represents the complete movie in the blockchain.

Film-Loot – collect Props, costumes & actions.

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We connect film fans and filmmakers in web3 via digital collectibles.

Our Values: Love for film and series, Quality, Community, and building bridges.

Be a big part of a movie-loving community.

“Movie History is full of Collectors “

MovieShots. The Future of Movie Collectibles.

Added November 21, 2022