Leaping Lemurs Mint

December 11, 2021

Company: Leaping Lemurs

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8880 Lemurs Leap from Madagascar to the moon. Randomly generated, some are more rare than others, living together forever on the Ethereum blockchain providing holders with instant rewards and everlasting utility. Catch the ride before it’s too late!

Only 0.03 ETH to mint!

– Get 5 ETH instantly for minting a solid gold Lemur
– Get 1 ETH instantly for minting a cash Lemur

The first 200 minted are ultra rare
The first 500 are rare!

The community vault would receive a portion of mint proceeds in addition to 50% of all Opensea royalties to be distributed to holders forever. 1 Lemur = 1 share. The community vault would also be used to purchase and fractionalize bluechip NFTs voted on by holders. Earn passive income forever!

The Lemurs are committed to helping wildlife and wildlife habitats worldwide, join us to make a difference! All holders would have voting rights for future donations and events.

Trees are planted for every Lemur minted!

Holding Lemurs would grant you exclusive access to future drops, collaborations with other projects and NFT + Ethereum giveaways.

Soon you’ll be able to mint a free Chameleon for every Lemur held. Catch a sneak peek of them hitching a ride on some ultra rare Lemurs. This is just the first of many exclusive drops planned for holders. A tree would also be planted for every free Chameleon minted.

Every 2 Lemurs held guarantees a free babylemur. 560 babylemurs would also be up for adoption via exclusive giveaways to holders for a total supply of 5000. Babies cannot be purchased, only bred or won by holders.

Added December 9, 2021