Learn how to deploy and market a NFT project with Doge Academy

November 25, 2022

Company: The Doge Academy

Price: .1 ETH

Supply: 10000


Welcome to The Doge Academy!

The Doge Academy, the Peoples Academy, is an educational Web3 Project focused on bringing knowledge and WOW to the metaverse, multiverse, and beyond.

Here’s what’s included in the first semester of the Doge Academy

Access to an 8-week live expert instructor-led class on how to build and deploy an NFT collection with an NFT certification upon completion. Link to Syllabus!

One-of-a-kind, hand-crafted profile picture NFT based on real historical items and figures, this NFT will act as your pass to participate in the course, and holders will receive a 50% discount on future semesters.

Private tutoring on demand by experts on resume writing, career advice, landing jobs, and professional development

Community-selected coursework voting rights: Students will select the next semester’s coursework via the blockchain voting process

Added November 17, 2022