Light Chaser Scheme Whitelist

August 13, 2022

Company: Light Chaser Scheme

Supply: 30


🌟 Aug 13th: Element will be online and we’ll have whitelist giveaway🌟
– 24 hours 15
– 72 hours 15

Don’t miss the chance to be a Light Chaser!

NFT Intro:
Light Chasers is a collection of 10,000 NFTs (non-fungible token), which are comprised by hundreds of fascinating visual features designed by taen.

Featured by the 3 racial categories of Human, Beast and Element, the collection includes a limited edition of tens of profile pictures, clothing and colors.

Tokens holders are granted the right to vote for the community-driven functions, products and events. Engaging with the project founder in the Light Chasers Committee, each holder will contribute to the building of the project roadmap.

Added August 13, 2022