Lion Legends Szn 2

December 10, 2021

Company: Lion Legends

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Lion Legends is a series of digital art collections. Season 1 consists of 5555 male Lion NFTs, while the new Season 2 presents 5555 female Lion NFTs. Each piece of art is unique.

In the first launch, the Lions have successfully reclaimed their throne, after escaping from captivity. But while enjoying their newly gained freedom and roaming around the savannah, they found another pride that was trapped by the poachers. Following their natural instinct and showing true allegiance to the lion pride, they decided to devise a plan to free their female mates.

The Lioness need YOUR final support in breaking free from captivity. Mint one and you free one. All minted Lioness will escape successfully into the wild and be united with their counterparts.

Added December 7, 2021