LOLA Introduces Symbiosis, a Free-to-mint NFT Collection

August 30, 2022

Company: Lots of Lands

Supply: 1100


Our world has become dependent on the struggle for resources. As a result, society has been divided into the interests of corporations and their opponents. Resources will determine how the confrontation turns out. Which side are you on?

There are 1100 unique NFTs that will open access to the lands and resources of the planet Earth Twelve. There are two opposing factions with their own special abilities: the rebels (45%) and the robotic modified humans (55%). Both of them have some mutations or different skin colours.

All NFTs give access to LOLA Game Alpha. LOLA is a real-time NFT strategy game based on 3 main objects: the exploration of lands, extraction of resources, and processing with the subsequent development of your colony’s economy.

Added July 5, 2022