Louis Vuitton Birthday NFTs

August 4, 2022
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Louis Vuitton is celebrating its birthday on August 4 with an NFT collection! The luxury brand has previously hinted that celebrations will be taking place through its mobile app game Louis: The Game. By playing the game, users and fans will have the chance to win one of ten exclusive Louis Vuitton NFTs. On top of this, it will be launching a collection of NFTs, which will serve as the party’s centerpiece.

Drop Highlights: Louis Vuitton NFT Birthday Bash

The premise of Louis: The Game sees players enter a world where they can dress up their Louis Vuitton avatar Vivienne. Then, they can roam around the metaverse and collect free and educational NFT postcards. Meanwhile, the new Louis Vuitton NFTS will each have interoperable, PFP-inspired features. So users can display their collectibles and digital wearables across various platforms. The company has simply stated that players must collect a ‘certain amount’ to be eligible to enter the raffle.

The NFTs were made in collaboration with Beeple’s startup Wenew Labs and sister company Possible.

Added April 22, 2022