NFT Evening

MachinaTrader NFT

September 1, 2023

Company: MachinaTrader

Supply: 1100


1100 FREE NFTs waiting to be minted! Secure your cosmic token starting September 1st.

Dive into a World of Unparalleled Robots, Creatures, and Spaceships – ERC-XY NFTs on the Polygon Blockchain, Where Exclusive Memberships Await Traders, Space Enthusiasts, and NFT Connoisseurs. Join an Ambitious Ever-Growing Community in the Vast Trading Universe, Unleashing Multiple Benefits and Unveiling Real Utilities Beyond Imagination.

Each NFT offers a spectrum of advantages and utilities on MachinaTrader, including lifelong discounts ranging from 20% to 50%, a Metaverse-ready Wearable, and additional perks.

But there’s more – gear up for the metaverse! Every NFT holder gains access to an exclusive limited wearable: the Bob the Bot robot suite. Start your adventure today!

Participate in the free Minting until 22 September.

Added September 4, 2023