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Mad Martians Whitelisted Presale

January 15, 2022

Company: Mad Martians

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On a routine expedition to Mars to begin the preparations for a new human colony, scientists noticed something off with their readings. What they discovered was signs of alien life hidden deep within the Martian surface. The scientists investigated the alien species and attempted to make contact, however the aliens made it clear they did not want to be interfered with.

In order to protect themselves from a human invasion, the Martian society gathered 9,999 of their strongest warriors and set course to invade Earth. Unfortunately, Martian Bud forgot to fuel the spaceship before takeoff, leaving all the Martians stranded in space, and they are NOT happy about it.

While all the Martians were getting boarded onto the spaceships to invade Earth, 10 of them got left behind! Soon after, all of the 10 stranded Martians got abducted by another alien species. None of the communication tools that the Mad Martians have are enough to get in contact with them…

If you mint one of these 10 abducted Mad Martians, you will receive an additional random Mad Martian NFT for FREE! These special mints are still a part of the collection with high rarity and sellable on secondary marketplaces. Our team will find the owners of these special mints and contact them; however, you are still free to contact us through Discord if you mint one. Good luck!

Added January 10, 2022