MAD Masters Pre-Sale

April 15, 2022

Company: MAD Masters

Price: 0.05 ETH

Supply: 2331

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MAD Masters – Cult of Arts is a unique, long-term and high artistic NFT project that pays homage to the masters of art history like Vincent Van Gogh, Andy Warhol and Gustav Klimt. It is a collaborative project with artists from all over the world. Also we’re building a supportive DAO community for artists and collectors – the Cult Of Arts with paid community roles, regular sweepstakes and profit sharing. Get in touch with big artists in the nft world, find & build the talents of tomorrow, profit from insider knowledge and nft giveaways. Also we’re about to creating the MAD.Gallery a place with exclusive Exhibitions of big NFT Artists their life and their works and also a stage for our Newcomer Artists.

In each new MAD Masters release, the circulation is shortened and the mint price is raised at the same time. So the project experiences healthy growth in value for its investors. The total circulation will never exceed 10,000pc.

Pre-Sale starts on World Art Day 15th April for 0.05ETH, from 16th April 0.06ETH.

Available in first MAD Masters Release:

777x Andy Warhol | by Kay Leben
777x Claude Monet | by Zaria Svet
777x Gustav Klimt | by Laurent Reis

Public Reveal on Easter Sunday!
COA Elections starting on Easter Monday!

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and Trailer:

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Added April 13, 2022