MadcowZombies Collection Drop

June 17, 2022

Company: LiquidbrushArt

Price: .025 ETH

Supply: 1000


MadCowZombies are a collection of five different and cute dog species bitten by rabid MadCows! Each drop will be a collection of 1000. Our lovely dogs are infected by MadCowZombies, come and rescue them, adopt an adorable dog and help restore them to their formal self.

All Owner will get a FREE “Happy Version” before the dogs were infected by the “MadCowZombies”. This FREE NFTs will be given out once all 5,000 are Sold-Out. Created by a team of two artists who loves and adore all pets. MadCowZombies is a collection thriving on the Ethereum network, come and claim yours “Zombie Fox Terrier”.

We’re currently giving them away for FREE if you follow us on Twitter.

Once the first 1000 NFTs are claimed, we will launch the next dog collection. Holder of the first batch will get “White List” and FREE Minting when we launch the next one.

Also, we’ll be donating a portion of our proceed to “Animal Rescue Foundation”.

Added June 16, 2022