MARS IDs Public Mint

September 1, 2022

Company: MARS IDs

Price: 100 MATIC

Supply: 10000

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MARS IDs is a community building-up for the future citizens of planet MARS.

🪐 MARS is the fourth planet from the Sun and the second-smallest planet in the Solar System ❗ , being larger than only Mercury. MARS carries the name of the Roman god of war ⚔️ .

MARS IDs is releasing new projects with privileges such as minting personal MARS IDs, future minting space flight tickets to MARS for holders of MARS- IDS NFTs.

🛸 MARS IDs holders will be part of our community CITIZENS OF MARS 🚀
🛸 Each NFT is one of 10K, super-rare
🛸 Citizens of MARS will get their SPACE FLY ticket in future project

Added June 30, 2022