Melanie Martinez Cry Baby Drop

January 27, 2022

Company: Melanie Martinez


Introducing “CyberBaby Toy Shop by Melanie Martinez,” a very special digital collection inspired by her own vintage stuffed animals. This project was created to share Melanie’s passion for vintage toys, giving her beloved animals everlasting life, while building a bridge between her universe and the metaverse. Enter the “CyberBaby Toy Shop” of animated digital art pieces of various animals outfitted for a futuristic nursery with an enchanting sinister twist.

Melanie says, “Vintage stuffed animals have been there for me for over ten years, carrying the energy of ghosts who once loved them. These fluffy handmade creatures were all created purely to invoke joy in people’s lives. I dedicate these animations to other like-minded, vintage toy nerds who share the same affinity!”

“CyberBaby Toy Shop by Melanie Martinez,” will be offset using Aerial, a sustainability platform that calculates the carbon emissions based on associated energy use. The offsets will be allocated to high-quality forest conservation projects verified by American Carbon Registry.

Added January 28, 2022