Meridium Zone Presale Soon

March 28, 2022

Company: Meridium Zone

Price: 0.08 ETH

Supply: 10000


Short description:
Meridium Zone (MZ) is an NFT game project inspired by ancient aliens. There are about 20 artists working on MZ that have worked on titles such as MTG, StarWars, The Sims 4, Uncharted 2, Uncharted 3, The Last of US, Beam NG Drive, Fifa Street 2012, Talisman, Call of Cthulhu the card game and Heroes of Might and Magic: Duel of Champions.

What makes the project different?/description

Meridium Zone is an NFT game project with 3d hand-drawn art inspired by ancient aliens and it has an MMORPG P2E fantasy game utility. In addition, it also has a unique cast of characters and lore that is set to be released in a graphic novel soon and an animated series in the future. The team is full of people with true passion for art, world-building and games. We want our holders to really love the essence of what we are creating. We want to establish a deeper meaning on why people should buy NFTs. We want the people to see our passion through our works, be it the art, the game or the metaverse. Revolutionizing the NFT gaming scene and focusing more on the enjoyment and the experience of our future holders with the ability to earn as well.

Added March 19, 2022