Merman Fighters Drop

November 10, 2021

Company: Merman Fighters


Our 555 unique fighter sales will start on November 10 at 20.00 UTC. Stay tuned!

They are the last guardians of the seas and oceans…
They are the nightmare of malicious pirates…
They are knights who defeated the monsters with one move!
They are Merman Fighters!
The Merman Fighters have lived in the magical world of the waters for millennia. They have fought for generations to protect the seas and oceans from malicious pirates and monsters. They won unforgettable victories with their different weapons against anyone and anything that threatened their kingdom.
Now the last guardians of Merman Fighters have a new mission!
In this new war, they will try to protect the peaceful life in their kingdom by fighting against all the monsters they will encounter.
They were armed and applied their war paints…
A new battle against terrifying underwater monsters is coming soon!
Now we must act to defeat these monsters.
Merman Fighters need you to protect their lives in the seas and oceans!



Added October 26, 2021