Meta-morphic: The Genesis of Huang Yuxing

September 23, 2022

Company: LiveArt

Price: 1.5 ETH

Supply: 2,197


Huang Yuxing is widely recognized for paintings that reflect and preserve the process of their creation. His work’s exceptional synthesis of styles has broad appeal, with imagery that calls back to traditional Chinese landscape painting rendered in an ultra-contemporary neon palette that verges on abstraction.

Huang’s works have already passed the $8-million mark at auction, most recently via the sale of his epic riverscape Seven Treasure Pines (2016–19) which sold for HK$64.8 million ($8.3 million), more than 13 times its high estimate, a record sum for a Chinese artist born after 1970.

The first chapter of “Meta-morphic: The Genesis of Huang Yuxing” is called Seven Treasures and invites collectors to discover seven treasures, a reference to the Buddhist concept in which each of the seven powers, Fortune, Creativity, Health, Longevity, Purity and Auspice, are represented by a corresponding gemstone. Collectors acquire the NFTs as mystery boxes – generative artworks that become gemstones and minerals when minted, and tie to the yet-to-be-revealed chapters 2 and 3 of the project.

Added September 20, 2022